Total AV

Total AV antivirus software

Are you planning on trying a new antivirus software? If so, you have probably seen a Total AV advertisement. The most important question is, whether this is a good or bad antivirus. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

Looking for Total AV reviews, you will find many controversial messages. Some users like it, other users hate it. We want you to look at its main advantages and disadvantages, so that you could decide for yourself. Get ready to learn all the good and the bad about this antivirus!

Things that make Total AV a good antivirus

As it turned out to be, there are many unfair customers. Total AV antivirus does have advantages that help it to stand out. First, it is the price. We know, it is not a very good idea to look at the price and not at the antivirus’ best features, but we can’t ignore the fact that the price is very appealing. If you are looking for a software for a reasonable price, that is it! Total AV has also several notable security features. These are:

  • safe browsing with a VPN function
  • Total AV uses Windscribe, which is a fairly decent service. This security feature is not available in free version, but you can purchase it separately.
  • web shield that protects against phishing sites. Web shield is responsible for protection against phishing. It is very efficient security feature that can block 9 out of 10 phishing sites.
  • account security features and identity protection. Identity protection is also great. It scans the entire Internet and even the Dark Web to where your information could have been leaked. You can also check for people who use your identity
  • adblcok pro
  • a special option for parents which allows to monitor their kids’ computers
  • It is just a priceless feature for many parents who are worried about their children’s safety on the Internet.

Well, isn’t it good? You will love this software even more after finding out that it also has:

  • a real-time antivirus

This feature provides automatic protection from suspicious activity.

  • password vault

A password vault keeps all your passwords in a secure digital location. No need to write them down or learn them by heart. Total AV will do it for you.

Things you might not like about Total AV

Unfortunately, Total AV has the disadvantages that we want you to know about. First, their free version is not that good, if you want to protect your PC and other devices, you have to pay. The customer support is also a bit pushy. They try to convince you to buy a paid version, but don’t let them do it if you are not sure.

Total AV verdict

So, is TotalAV a good antivirus? Our answer is yes, but only if you use a paid version. The free one won’t be able to protect your device as good as a paid version.