McAfee for Your PC

How Good Is McAfee for Your PC?

McAfee is a popular antivirus solution all across the globe. Millions of users trust this developer with their devices. The company stands out by offering a 100% virus removal guarantee. That’s why its reputation is high. Many laptop manufacturers and companies like Adobe offer McAfee products with the purchase of their products. Yet, many people still have one question. How good is McAfee? Let’s discuss this.

The highlights of the program

McAfee has been on the market for over two decades now. It’s one of the oldest and most reliable companies out there. It offers high-quality services to leading companies and separate individuals.

The software runs on Windows and Mac OS devices and has simple requirements. That’s what makes this program very compatible with various devices.

According to the tests made by independent companies like AV-Test, the software’s engine detects and stops most of the malware and viruses. It’s also good at catching zero-day threats. The developers keep up with other leaders on the market protecting users’ data and files from beings stolen or corrupted.

Three main disadvantages everyone should take into account

To make an objective conclusion about McAfee, one should look at both sides of the coin. This software has plenty of advantages. However, there are some issues, namely:

1. Confusing interface according to numerous users’ reviews;

2. This software is rather expensive for users who want to use the program on all household devices;

3. Sometimes, the anti-malware engine fails to detect malware.

The peculiarities of customer support

Every user can contact customer support via a live chat or email. The team of experienced employees is sure to effectively handle any situation. They can even delete a virus remotely. Other than that, the managers can resolve any billing issues, antivirus-related problems, etc.

Such high-quality services make the choice of McAfee very appealing. It’s probably the best solution for inexperienced users. Yet, experienced one will also find it helpful.

Additional features one may get with the antivirus

Every user can pick from several plans offered by McAfee. They differ in price and the set of extras. The free edition has only basic protection. Premium editions deliver:

1. New ransomware guard scored excellent results during the independent testing. The tool managed to detect and prevent various ransomware attacks and zero-day threats;

2. A personal firewall enhances security during online activities. It internally blocks suspicious activities without annoying windows. However, when a user’s decision is required, the pop-up window will notify about it;

3. A password manager seems like a simple tool most antivirus companies offer. Yet, it often comes in handy protecting the passwords from being stolen;

4. Optimization tools secure smooth computer performance. They include a file shredder, too;

5. Several scanning modes allow choosing the most suitable option and set up auto-scans whenever it’s convenient for you.

Final thoughts

McAfee is popular for a reason. Actually, many of them. It delivers high-quality protection and secures both the device and the user’s data from various threats, viruses, and malware. Everyone can pick a suitable solution based on the budget and wanted features. However, a license for numerous devices can be more expensive than from competitors.